There is nothing worse than feeling pain.  When we are in pain, we tend to lose interest in the world, want to take medications that make us sleepy and we just lay there wishing for it all to go away.  If you are like this then you know how it can feel.  However, there are ways that you can help relieve your pain without taking large doses of medication.  One popular option is to wear a chiropractic belt.  This belt will help keep your back and spine aligned and reduce inflammation which is a major cause of pain.

chiropractic belt

Eat healthier

To start relieving pain we need to work from the inside out.  To do this you want to change your diet and start eating healthier.  When we eat healthier, we can remove inflammatory foods that put pressure on our joints and make our fingers swell.

Avoid foods with a lot of salt and processed materials.  These processed materials will go to your joints making them swell.  Avoid drinking soda, alcohol such as beer and drink more water. 


Exercise never works when we are in pain.  This is why you need to do it.  The more we move our bodies and the more we let blood flow through our systems the less pain we will have in our joints.  To start an exercise routine, you will want to talk to your doctor to clear you for physical activity.  Once cleared you want to start slow.  You want to start with short walks and then move to longer ones.  Once your joints are accustomed to you walking, consider going for a jog or a short run.

Get plenty of sleep

The body heals itself when we are asleep.  If we don’t sleep, then our bodies will not have time to repair itself.  When we are asleep our bodies can focus on the healing areas and not the areas that we need while awake.